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Our Brand

Slaint (pronounced Slain -t) is a luxury men's accessory brand. It was created to bridge the gap between the luxury fashion and technology industries. We have created unique, beautiful products that incorporate technology in a way that enhances the user's day to day life.

The design process is customer focused so every decision that is made is with a view to making the perfect product for the people that will use it. We are striving to find the perfect balance between aesthetic and function which seems to be lacking in the marketplace.

Slaint Brand

We are committed to ensuring our products are of the finest quality. The bags are made by skilled workers in a specialist leather factory. Each bag takes up to 30 hours to make.

Our brand's name 'Slaint' is a name inspired by the Gaelic language, the national language of Eoin’s (the founder) native Ireland. The driving idea behind Slaint is to become the world's first established luxury fashion/technology brand. We want to create beautiful products that integrate technology in a way that actually enhances the user's day to day life.

“A lot of fashion companies are dabbling in the technology side of things but none have made it part of their identity and the functions of the products are, for the most part, a gimmick. Tech start-ups are very good at coming up with new technology but ultimately fail when comes to aesthetic which is equally important. Some luxury brands that have produced bags which are sold with a phone charger inside but none have properly integrated the technology, none charge laptops and none are targeted towards men.” Eoin Cooney


Our Founder

Eoin Cooney has worked in the fashion industry since 2002. He started by working in luxury retail and then moved into project management, product development and business development.

He has been exposed to all aspects of the industry, retail, design, production, wholesale, e-commerce and marketing. Has worked with brands like Diesel, Orla Kiely, Derek Rose, Tateossian and also advises new fashion start-ups in his spare time. He has studied design and fashion
business and is alumni at the London College of Fashion. He is of Irish nationality but was born in Rome and has lived in Dublin, Vienna, Brussels, Paris, New York and London.

Eoin Cooney Slaint

His other passion is technology and while working at Orla Kiely in 2009 he managed a collaboration with Apple to create technology accessories which was one of the world's first technology & fashion collaborations. Whilst developing the technology accessories category for Orla Kiely he gained an in depth knowledge of the consumer technology industry and was fascinated specifically with the interaction between technology and fashion. Since 2009 this area has exploded and almost every fashion brand now has a range of technology accessories.

Wearable technology is the newest manifestation of this trend combining fashion and technology into a single product. Slaint are focused on what comes next, clothing and accessories with integrated technology that has a real life function. We will continue to innovate but will never compromise on style or function.



Slaint operates - Dublin, Ireland (Company Office), London, UK (Creative) and Tilburg, The Netherlands (Logistics), Istanbul, Turkey (Production)