A new Slaint on Men's Accessories:

Hand made luxury bags that can charge your laptop, tablet and phone simultaneously


Our Products

Our two launch products are a leather briefcase and holdall that feature an integrated charging system for your laptop (including Macbooks), and two USB devices (phone, tablet, smart watch...). Your devices can be charged inside or outside the bag. These are the ideal bags for frequent travellers who won’t compromise on style or functionality.

In addition to this, there are many other unique design features that set our products apart. These bags are completely different to anything on the market. They are the first third-party products in the world that can charge MacBooks due to the design and development of revolutionary Macbook connectors.

Take a look... 

Our Brand

Slaint is a luxury men's accessory brand. It was created to bridge the gap between the luxury fashion and technology industries. We have created unique, beautiful products that incorporate technology in a way that enhances the user's day to day life.

The design process is customer focused so every decision that is made is with a view to making the perfect product for the people that will use it. We are striving to find the perfect balance between aesthetic and function which seems to be lacking in the marketplace. (For more brand information, click here)

We are committed to ensuring our products are of the finest quality. The bags are made by skilled workers in a specialist leather factory. The below video shows the production process for each of the Slaint products.

Eruvian Closeup1.jpg
Slaint Logo in Leather
Slaint Buckle Closeup


Each bag takes 30 hours (approx.) to hand make. They are made using the finest saddle leather, which is as durable as it is beautiful. 



A Solution To...

  • Using a laptop while on a flight/train/car journey and worrying about running out of battery or finding a power socket.
  • Using your laptop when working outdoors, without access to a power socket
  • Using your laptop while working on location, without access to a power pocket.
  • Having to charge multiple devices and needing to find multiple cables and wall sockets.
  • Needing multiple adapters or having to charge devices one at a time when abroad.
  • Running out of battery on your laptop or phone on the way to a meeting or in a meeting.
  • Worrying about having no time to charge your phone or laptop when in a rush to get somewhere.
  • Using your phone sparingly because you are not sure when/know it will be a long time until you can charge it next.



Portable Charging

Portable Battery

The bags will come with a Slaint Battery Box, containing a high capacity battery (12,000 mAh) and connectors that cover all major brand laptops, including Macbooks, 2012 or newer. All necessary cables are provided. For a more detailed breakdown, browse the products in our shop. 

The capacity of the battery means that it can fully charge most Laptops, and can charge most new Smartphones up to 7 times. 

In addition to this the bags all feature a robust internal structure for protection, custom made to fit the contents of the bag and a special opening for the adapter which charges the battery. The holdall (Eruvian) also features a special compartment specially built to house your laptop which is easily accessible.